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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on July 31, 2004 at 12:07:27:
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: I am almost sure I have a leaking shower pan in an upstairs bath room. This separate shower with a tiled floor and side walls that was built when the house was built in the eartly 70es.

: I notice a small drip on an ouside wall after the shower has been on for a short time. There is a 18" space between the floor and the downstairs ceiling but I can't get to this area under the shower unless I come in from an outside wall, which I can doo if needed. Is it possible to repair the pan by removing the shower floor tiles without getting access to the area under the shower? thanks
First plug up the drain with a stopper get a few pails of water from another location and pour it into the pan and let it sit over night to see if indeed the pan is leaking

2- Let the water down and pour a few more buckets down to make sure it is not the drain pipe

3- Take off the shower head put a cap on the male threads turn on the water leave it on for 10 minutes then this should let you know if the shower body is causing the leak.

4- Remove the cap replace the shower head spray the ways a lot this checks the grouting integrity

5- Yes a lead shower pan CAN BE repaired BUT you need a skilled mechanic who can lead wipe/lead burn a new section over the bad section using 4 PSF sheet lead and non acid type flux.

One can use Flemco # 1 warranted solder for the repair of minor holes or even soldering a patch.

Same principle used in welding a steel plate over a pressure vessel/boiler BUT one needs to hold a valid "R" stamp for ASME rated vessels to maintain integrity.

Soldering/lead wiping and lead burning saves many shower pans that are so called non repairable and can easily save you in excess of $1,000.

You just have to find a semi skilled craft person

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