Re: Leaking shower pan upsatirs bath.
Posted by Don on July 31, 2004 at 11:56:28:
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I plugged the drain and filled up the shower about 2" its leaking. I hecked the water supply lines and faucet and shoer riser and they are all fine. What now

: : I am almost sure I have a leaking shower pan in an upstairs bath room. This separate shower with a tiled floor and side walls that was built when the house was built in the eartly 70es.

: : I notice a small drip on an ouside wall after the shower has been on for a short time. There is a 18" space between the floor and the downstairs ceiling but I can't get to this area under the shower unless I come in from an outside wall, which I can doo if needed. Is it possible to repair the pan by removing the shower floor tiles without getting access to the area under the shower? thanks

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: To answer your question, no you cannot break open the tile and cement base to expose the pan to repair a leak on it. Breaking it open will cause more leaks and at that point you might as well replace the complete shower pan which is more than likely made from lead.

: Shower stall leaks can be tricky to detect. You really need to use the process of elimination to determine the exact cause. It could be the wall grout, caulking, strainer, shower pan, drain trap, drain piping, or even the faucet or shower riser causing the leak.
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