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Posted by CEA on July 31, 2004 at 11:38:30:
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I'm not sure I understand the description or what you mean by backside but generally the trap is at the fixture, the vent connection is within an approved distance of the trap, and drains tie together after their vent connections. Another way to think of it is that a "drain" isn't a drain until downstream of its vent connection--it's a trap arm, and generally you can't tie trap arms together (with some exceptions like some double and triple sinks). Remember that the toilet has a trap too, it's just in the toilet. The "right" solution would be either to separately vent the shower and toilet and tie their drains together downstream of the vent connections, or to drain them both into separate inlets on a cottage tee or side inlet sanitary tee at the vent connection. Draining the shower into the toilet trap arm between the toilet and the toilet vent is probably a code violation. Codes vary and some allow horizontal wet venting which may give you some additional leeway in combining drains as long as there's a vent at the very end of the line. I suggest you take a picture to your local plumbing inspector or consult with a plumber at this point. Good luck.

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