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Posted by LonnythePlumber on July 31, 2004 at 10:25:45:
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: Relief valves are not a "install it and forget about it" item. They should be checked and/or replaced periodically. He may have tripped the valve to let air out and it was time to replace it so it is leaking. It is recommended that plumbers "trip" the relief valve on the heaters in any house they service to see if it is defective. Sometimes they are so bad they will not open which could be very hazardous in a heater failure situation.

: : A plumber came out today to repair the pipes going to our water heater which were leaking. After he replaced them and turned the water back on from the main, the water heater began leaking from the pressure release valve - a slow leak but a leak nontheless.

: : Is there anything he could have done to cause this? It has never leaked from here or anywhere before. It is 9 yrs. old.

: : Thanks, Ruby

Sometimes turning the water off and relieving the pressure and then re-pressurizing will make an older or weaker spring in the valve to compress more allowing seepage. Replace the valve.

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