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Posted by Hube on July 31, 2004 at 08:56:33:
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: : Hi-I am working on putting a bathroom in my basement. The room was roughed in. I am working on the exhaust fan. I can only find a 1 1/2 inch white pipe that looks like an exhaust and is close enough to where the bathroom is, to be the exhaust (it is very close to my furnance, but nothing is attached to this piping). My question is all exhaust fans seem to come with a 3-4" aluminum piping. Do I need to purchase a step down aluminum 3-4 inch to plastic 1 1/2 inch or is this not the exhaust piping?

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: The bathroom exhaust fan needs to vent out of the side of the house or through the roof full size.
: The piping that you're looking at is more than likely part of the plumbing drainage/venting system. It may be a vent, but not the type you need.
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An Exhaust air pipe and aplumbing Vent pipe are 2 different items. Most vents that apply to air exhaust are 3" or larger.

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