Re: Hack for American Standard Champion
Posted by e-plumber on July 30, 2004 at 21:44:58:
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: 2 things...very little water in the bowl....according to support tech what's there should be 6" wide x 4" front to is but ain't much and even tho waste is flushed, much sticks to the bowl

: 2nd.....insufficient flush...especially on 1 of the 3 toilets.
: They've replaced the tank for me with one mfd in April 2004.

: Lastest is they told me take it up with my "dealer"....nice eh?

: I like my solution, as it gives me back my 3gal flusher!
: Wish you were in No. IL....I'd hire you to come over.

: I read all the material on your site before I selected these toilets....too bad I didn't go with your top choice. I'd probly have been happier.

: being a pro, you probly already knew this but the white filler hose was improperly positioned on the funnel inlet and this is how the bowl fills w/h2o after flushing....since mine were improperly positioned the bowl barely filled with water.

: You can tell about the incorrect hose position also from my pix.
: Walt

You should patent that hook up.
I too have found that the flush is very weak and too fast, the surface area of water in the bowl is extremely small. You can hold the handle, (very carefully) for a more complete flush but for the price they're charging for these toilets one would expect a lot more.

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