Hack for American Standard Champion
Posted by Walt on July 30, 2004 at 19:35:45:

2 things...very little water in the bowl....according to support tech what's there should be 6" wide x 4" front to back...it is but ain't much and even tho waste is flushed, much sticks to the bowl

2nd.....insufficient flush...especially on 1 of the 3 toilets.
They've replaced the tank for me with one mfd in April 2004.

Lastest is they told me take it up with my "dealer"....nice eh?

I like my solution, as it gives me back my 3gal flusher!
Wish you were in No. IL....I'd hire you to come over.

I read all the material on your site before I selected these toilets....too bad I didn't go with your top choice. I'd probly have been happier.

being a pro, you probly already knew this but the white filler hose was improperly positioned on the funnel inlet and this is how the bowl fills w/h2o after flushing....since mine were improperly positioned the bowl barely filled with water.

You can tell about the incorrect hose position also from my pix.

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