Re: Holes and notches through floor joists
Posted by CEA on July 30, 2004 at 10:43:10:
In response to Re: Holes and notches through floor joists
The rule of thumb is that notches more than 1/6 of depth or in the middle 1/3 of length, or holes outside the middle 1/3 of height should be avoided. That being said, the impact of small holes and notches is negligle--if you look the joists probably have a random assortment of knots bigger than the holes you're talking about. If we're talking 3" notches in a 2x10 or something, I'd recommend siamesing up reinforcing on each side of the joist below the notch and for a couple feet on each side, gluing and thru-bolting with carriage bolts. For the types of small notches and holes you're talking about I wouldn't worry about it! Good luck.

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