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Posted by Hube on July 30, 2004 at 08:42:40:
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: My apologies if this is a question answered previously...

: I have heard two schools of thought on the need for an in-ground septic tank to be pumped. Some say if your septic system is working properly(which mine is) there is never a need to have your tank pumped. I have also heard some say that you should have it pumped every 3-4 years regardless.

: It seems to me that if the system is working efficiently, pumping would be like throwing money, well, down the toilet.

: Also, what are your thoughts on products such as Rid-Ex?

: Thanks!
Although your tank,s contents are operating properly bacterially, there comes a time when the "sludge layer" at the bottom will get too close to the outlet level. When it gets too close then it needs to be pumped out. Climate conditions sometimes determine how often a Tank should be pumped out. Warm climates promote more bacterial action than cooler climates. Checking the "sludge level" is the only sure way of knowing exactly when to pump out.But in most case of a properly designed and cared for system, approx every 5 years is a sure fired remedy for avoiding costly Field Bed failures..Also, IMO, Additives etc,sometimes can do more harm than good and are not generally required if the system is looked after. Good luck Hube

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