replacing shower pan with whirlpool
Posted by Bill on July 30, 2004 at 08:06:55:
Terry, hopefully, this is not an old topic that I missed.

Remodeling a bathrrom and installing a 60X36 Jacuzzi whirlpool in opening where shower pan was before. The floor is 2X8 joists on 16" centers and 1/2" plywood. Total span look like about 12' The tub will sit along an outside wall, and C/L of tub width is only 18" from the outside wall studs, so I believe the floor is adequate for the tub. Can you verify this? Are floor joists normally doubled under bathtubs?

When house was built, plumber cut notch in top of adjacent 2X8 joist to run 2" line across. Looks like a bad job as everything I've seen says should have drilled hole in vertical middle of joist or limited notch to D/6 deep by D/3 wide. I haven't torn up that part of the floor, but it must be 2-1/2 W and D.

Can I, should I compensate for that notch and how? I've been thinking about sistering, but would need to bolt through with spacers to clear the 2" line. Is their something ready made for this?


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