Toto Drake vs. American Standard
Posted by Randy M. on July 29, 2004 at 20:55:26:
With all this hype on the Drake I have a comment. I own both the Toto Drake and an American Standard "Standard Collection" toilet. Side by side, the A/S flushes as good as the Drake. I don't see the A/S "Standard Collection"  toilet reviewed here as it should be. I like the A/S better than the Drake. It performes as well, costs less, & looks better too.

A//S Standard Ravena, MaP testing, 200 grams
2" flush valve

Toto Drake MaP testing, 900 grams
3" flush valve

Replies to this post

I remove quite a few American Standard Collection toilets.  If you arecareful with them, and don't put too much down them, they will work.  
The Toto Drake will take more without plugging.  
If you only need a toilet to take a little down at a time, then the StandardCollection will work for you.  

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