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Posted by Gary Swart on July 28, 2004 at 14:08:52:
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If this problem is occuring in all locations, I would look for a problem at or near the tank. The first thing I'd look at is the shut off valve. It could be shut almost off. I'd also look at the flex lines coming from the tank to see if one of them is kinked. If the problem isn't one of those, you will have to isolate the problem. There are 3 places; the supply side, in the tank, or on the outlet side. Check one at a time. With the water supply turned off, disconnect the flex hose that connects the supply line to the tank. (As you disconnect the flex lines at the tank, check the small screens that should be in the top end of the nipple. It is possible one could be clogged or defective.) Attach a male hose adapter to the nipple and run a hose to a drain. Now turn the water on. If there is full flow, you know you have water to the tank. Reconnect the supply line to the tank and go to the outlet side. Connect the hose to the nipple coming out of the tank and try the flow check. If there is flow there, bypass the tank with hose, you'll need a female adapter as well as the male adapter used before. Check the flow. There should be full flow at all hot water fixtures. That's a lot of checking, but my guess is you'll find that somehow the valve is turned nearly off or the flex line is kinked.

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