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Posted by blaine on July 28, 2004 at 11:31:46:
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: : I recently replaced parts in the toilet tank on a Crane toilet, circa 1970, including the flush valve w/overflow tube. When water first entered the tank, it leaked from around the outside of the large plastic hex nut on the outside bottom of the tank which secures the flush valve. No amount of hand tightening has helped. I removed the flush valve,cleaned the porcelain around the large hole in the bottom of the tank, and put another rubber gasket on top of the tapered flush valve gasket, which had no effect on the leakage. The flush valve is seated directly on porcelain, which is in good shape around the lip of the hole. What should I try next??

: Hand tightening is not tight enough. Usually another turn and a half but it depends. Do not pull the valve off center when tightening. It's hard to identify where this kind of leak originates. It could also be from the tank to bowl bolts or tank to bowl gasket. LonnythePlumber

Don't use Teflon tape on the thread. Hope this helps..

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