Re: Re-routing drain line out of soffit into wall
Posted by Lee on July 27, 2004 at 11:50:31:
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Thanks Vince! I too think the rambit is optimal. Found one at a local plumbing supply house and will be giving it a try in the next day or so. As for the HD Expert...when I first wrote the post I had "so called" before the word "expert" but thought better of flaming him. The guy may not be an expert (or maybe he is) but he was helpful. Just another guy trying to make a living. Thanks to all for your very helpful posts........Lee

: read most of the responses, some good advise already given.

: You have 2 options of which one was mentioned by HJ.

: Ram bit would be best choice. Cut out old and drill out old pipe inside fitting. Bit is made just for this purpose and is pretty much fool / idiot / apprentice proof.

: Second choice would be cut of old and use fernco. There are literally dozens of combination sizes available at large plumbing supply warehouses that handle the fernco brand coupler. You will even find Fernco el's anf tee's in the well stocked warehouses.

: Now, about the plumbing expert at home depot...never mind, no reason to....let's just agree to call him a salesman....

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