Re: Re-routing drain line out of soffit into wall
Posted by Lee on July 27, 2004 at 08:24:13:
In response to Re: Re-routing drain line out of soffit into wall
The situation is a Tee which is tight up against the subfloor. The three legs of the Tee are an upward vent going up through the subfloor, a horizontal drain to a tub/sink and a downward drain going to the main drain pipe. The downward leg has a 45 degree street elbow connected to the Tee. I need to replace this with a 90 degree elbow. The driving factor behind this change is the removal of the soffit from above my kitchen cabinets. The 45 degree elbow currently takes the pipe diagonally across the former soffit area and I need to take it at a 90 degree angle between the ceiling joists and over to the wall to hide the pipe. I verified that this is indeed ABS as Jimbo was wondering so the cut and chip method to get the remains of the street elbow out of the tee sounds like it will work. The ram-bit sounds like the safest way to go if I can find one locally. I am under time restraints, however, to get this done before the contractor is ready to start drywall so I may have to try the cut/chip method and hope I don't bust the Tee!

: If there is a 45 there now there must be something at the other end of that 45 which means you must have a little bit of room to do something. Sounds like this is a downward drain coming into a sanitary tee at a 45. Is that correct? What is driving the change to a 90 from a 45? I guess I am trying to better understand just what the situation is.

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