Re-routing drain line out of soffit into wall
Posted by Lee on July 26, 2004 at 08:16:16:
No ideas on my 7/20 post concerning this subject or wasn't I clear enough? What I have is a 45 degree elbow cemented tight up against a Tee. I need to replace the 45 with a 90. The resident expert at Home Depot says I can cut the 45 off below the hub that is tight against the Tee and make a series of hacksaw cuts through the hub down to the level of the pipe cemented inside. Then CAREFULLY chip away the slices of hub leaving the exposed pipe onto which I can cement the new 90. This seems very error prone to me! The only other idea I had was to cut between the tee and 45 degree elbow which will leave the thick end of the tee. I could then build up the outside of the Tee (2 3/4" diameter)with duct tape or ??? so that I can use a flexible 90 degree elbow 3" I.D. to 2" I.D. I will slide that OVER built up end of the tee and tighten it down. No good options that I can see and I hope someone on this board can give me their thoughts! Thanks!