drain line carry
Posted by iflyunited on July 25, 2004 at 20:56:31:
We had an addition built on to our house about 15 years ago and recently have been having some problems with plumbing. The waste line distance from the bathroom to the outside clean out is at least 95 feet. It's also a ranch house so it runs horizontally the whole way also it has three 45 degree angle turns. I always thought it was such a long travel distance is there anything I can do to make it flow better. I recently installed a new Toto Ultramax in the bathroom and that's when the whole problem started. Twice already the whole pipeline has clogged the second time it clogged our main house line in addition to the itself. Do you think I should just get a pressure assist instead for the longer carry distance? Thanks in advance for your input. Also to add it's 4 inch waste pipe until it reaches our original houses foundation then it reduces to 3 inch and ties into our main house line which is also 3 inches if this helps at all.

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