Re: Being sued......hate lawyers
Posted by hj on July 20, 2004 at 23:54:14:
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You are probably out of luck. We had a local steak house called the "Lone Star Cafe" which had been in business for years and years. But when the national franchise Lone Star Cafe moved into town they forced them to change their name because they had a national trade name copyright.

: I own a home inspection company and come here to ask plumbing questions when I don't know the answer.

: I started a home inspection 4 years ago and called it All Pointes Home inspections. Pointe is spelled with an "e" because I live in an area called Grosse Pointe Michigan.

: Anyway, this week I got a letter from a lawyer saying that his client has a company called All Points Inspections Inc. Again, mine is called All Pointes Home Inspections.

: Long story short, they want me to stop using my company name because it is too close to theirs.

: Anyone been through this? What should I do?

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