Re: Being sued......hate lawyers
Posted by MiniMe on July 20, 2004 at 19:32:32:
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I would seek legal advice immediately if i were you.
Looks like you will be changing your name. Being that they have been in business a lot longer than you, they went through the troubles of reserving their name and having it incorporated and maybe registered as a Trade Name, Your severice areas are not that far apart, they are in the same line of business and with the names being so similar I believe any court would rule on their side.
I assume you are not incorporated or a limited liability company, Did you have the business name researched. Did you file the proper papers to use a ficticious name as a business name? if so a name background search should have been done at that time.
Of course you could always fight them and they may not wish to persue it any more. but if they do, you may be left paying court costs and their attorney fees plus yours.
They may be willing to compensate you a small amount to help offset your costs of the name change and to keep from having to go to court over the problem.

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