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Posted by Dave on July 20, 2004 at 18:55:18:
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: : Just when I thought I knew all about fittings. Try this one. I have a sump pump with male 1" water hose thread. Realising water hose thread is different from all the other 'threads', yet I still cant figure how to reduce down to my 3/4" water hose (thread) Any ideas? Thanks

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: Most sump pumps have a discharge of 1-1/2", some are 1-1/4". It seems like you need a bushing. The one pictured above is 1" X garden hose threads. A plumbing supply house may not have it but can make it up for you.
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The discharge is 1" water hose thread. I cant seem to find any fitting/bushing to go from that to 3/4" water hose thread. Or pipe thread. Its the 1" water hose thread that is tricky. Everyone has 3/4" water hose thread X .. everything else. No 1" Any good place to look for, what I seem to think, is an odd fitting? Thanks again.

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