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Posted by Scott Denny on July 20, 2004 at 08:29:15:
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: : I have an Standard toilet from 1926 with the tank separated from the bowl by a metal pipe. The fitting where the metal meets the bowl leaks like a sieve, and I cannot figure out how to take it apart to replace the gasket. I can turn it, but it's evidently not screwed in. Any suggestions?

: : : What you have is a wall hung China tank connected to the bowl by a "Flush Ell" 2" diameter.

: : : The cause of the leak is most likely the 2" Brass Spud which can be carefully cut out and replaced from the bowl and the Douglas valve inside the tank should also be replaced along with the ball cock.

: : : In my area the homes are now going in excess of 2 million each and yet folks still want to keep these antiques working rather then suffer with the poor quality 1.6 out there today

: : Last year I did a remodel where we rebuilt 3 AS and 2 Kohler wcs of the same late 20's vintage. IMHO, these babies are as good as new. They should give 30 more years of troublefree service. I actually had a cabinet maker fashion a seat for one of the AS wc's and a machinist fabricate the hardware for it. Cost the owner close to $2K. With 5 gallons of water roaring down the shoot there's not much concern about line carry.

: WOW talk about over kill Wouldnt it have been easier to fly to NYC take a vacation in this wonderful city spend $300 or less on Exact replacements parts?

: Davis and Warsaw, NY replacement parts Sexauer ALL have parts readily available plus the numerous
: supply houses around the city.

: Reciently I had to replace the wooden tank that is wall hung about 7 feet above the toilet.

: I called two supply houses and the 2nd guy asked If I wanted the wooden tank Or just the copper liner or the complete assembly with ball and douglas valve and flush tube.

: I would venture to say I still have over 14 accounts with 1922 era toilets still working.

: If your going to ever replace them figure yuor going to need a 14" rough new type.

: The best Ive seen so far is side inlet water supply Flushometer type installed prior to 1914 STILL working GOT to love the old CRAFTMEN

: Sylvan
I'm going to take a picture of the seat and send it to you. Please email me at the following: and I'll send it along.
BTW: It was kind of fun to fabricate it myself, though I do like the Big Apple. And I thought about it at the time but didn't know any parts sources in NYC. Thanks to you, I do now.
Scott Denny

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