Re: Soldering near fiberglass unit
Posted by hj on July 19, 2004 at 23:38:55:
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Why not use a male adapter so it is further away from the wall. Point the torch against the fitting with the flame shooting away from the wall. Put the adapter on loose with the spout and then measure from the spout to the wall. Deduct 1/4" for tightening and cut that much off of the copper tube.

: I need to solder a fitting for my tub spout about 1-1/2 to 2 inches away from the finished side of a one-piece fiberglass tub/shower unit. I need to add a fitting to attach a brass nipple that the spout will screw on. I'm concerned with soldering so close to the face of the shower and I don't want to burn or melt the finish.

: 1) What is the best way to tackle this?

: 2) Any tips on measuring so the spout is flush with the wall one I screw it on? I have a double-ended brass nipple that will screw into the spout on one end and screw into a female fitting on the other end.

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