Re: gurgle in pipes when washing machine runs
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on July 19, 2004 at 22:20:48:
In response to Re: gurgle in pipes when washing machine runs
: For about 3 months now, whenever we run our washing machine (in basement)we get a gurgle in the pipe going to our kitchen sink (1st floor). Often there is a mild sewer smell as well. I had the septic tank cleaned out and they also checked our outflow to the leach field. Everything regarding the septic system checks out ok. This never happens with the toilets, sink, or dishwasher. What could be the problem?

SOAP scum/GREASE build up Get the lines WATER JETTED and forgetbout USELESS Chemicals.

Snaking/rodding only punches a small opening in the middle of the drain piping WATER JETTING SCRUBS the piping to a like new condition and flushes the debris away.

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