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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on July 19, 2004 at 20:46:04:
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: : I need to solder a fitting for my tub spout about 1-1/2 to 2 inches away from the finished side of a one-piece fiberglass tub/shower unit. I need to add a fitting to attach a brass nipple that the spout will screw on. I'm concerned with soldering so close to the face of the shower and I don't want to burn or melt the finish.

: : 1) What is the best way to tackle this?

: : 2) Any tips on measuring so the spout is flush with the wall one I screw it on? I have a double-ended brass nipple that will screw into the spout on one end and screw into a female fitting on the other end.
: When I or one of my employees solder near anything that can be scorched we use one of the following.

: 1- Heat shield

: 2- Electric heat source NON Flame like I do when doing work in hospitals where open flames are forbidden.

: 3- Presto O Lite Swirl Jet tip with Flame safe guard attached that prevents the 4,200 DEG F Flame from going straight BUT it does direct the flame in a circular motion to heat the fitting/ piping faster.

: 4- Lower temperature soldering alloy instead of 95 - 5 use something with more silver content (Siver bearing)

: I once had to burn out an existing 3" steel pipe ( Oxyacetylene cutting) that was within 1" of a 6" gas main and shutting down as not an option.

: I had my helper run a steady stream of water over the existing gas piping as I cut out the old line.

: Considering this burning action takes a lot longer then soldering how about this?
: You using TWO people for this job

: One to hold a garden hose and WET DRY Vacuum to get the water up as soon as it lands on the floor and the other hand sprinkling the area your trying to protect as you solder.

: This does not require a lot of water and solding should take less then a minute using the proper equipment.

: Electric soldering is possibly the safest and easiest SEE the Ridged catalog

IF you want to cheat and play it really safe you can try the following.

Get a Compression x Female adapter depending on Diameter 5/8 or 7/8 (1/2 or 3/4 copper)

THEN tighten the compression nut and now you have FEMALE threads exposed YET this fitting should fit in most tub spouts.

IF it ever leaks it is still accessible and Compression is used all the time under constant pressure so it should work here too.

This is called CHEATING Tricks of the non Skilled but it sure gets the stumble bums out in a hurry, like Fernco crap and AAV and wet Venting USED BY LOSERS but hey many codes have no desire to have work performed by skilled labor so hey why not go with the flow.

No Flame min parts and safe, FAST and possibly legal in some of the so called codes Ive seen posted here.
Good luck

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