Re: Pressure tank installation
Posted by Hube on July 18, 2004 at 09:16:32:
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: I had to replace my pressure tank with a new Well-rite tank. I thought everything was okay as it seemed to be working but I noticed that my tank sweats where the water is in the tank and there is only about two inches of water in the tank. I don't know how to remedy this so that more water goes into tank. I think the water must be coming straight from the well sort of by passing the tank.
Coveylane: To eliminate the sweating, wrap the tank in a blanket of "air foil" insulation. (this is a blanket wrap composed of 1" of fiberglass with a silver foil facing. Use foil tape around the upper edge to seal it. It only has to be approx 2" above the full water line..Good luck...Hube

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