Re: Cutting concrete for drain
Posted by Kirk Maskalenko on July 18, 2004 at 08:30:06:
In response to Re: Cutting concrete for drain
Once I get to the existing drain through the concrete how do I get enough slack to get the fitting inline? Are there any tricks for such situations.

BTW, The basement plumbing is an ejector well system where I plan to tap into a 4 inch drain between the baseroom rough-in and the well around
3 feet from the ejector well. The top of the drain is about 9 inches below the top of the well. I can get the run down to about 23 feet if I use a 45 giving me a 5 3/4 drop. Assuming the floor is level, should be around 3 inches below the concrete on the sink side. Sound like a viable plan?

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