Re: Wax-Free toilet gaskets
Posted by Kelly on July 18, 2004 at 01:10:16:
In response to Re: Wax-Free toilet gaskets

I've tried the new waxless toilet seals and loved the clean and simple installation as well as the knowledge that if I redo the floor again sometime (very likely) I won't have to scrape up and clean off all that dirty wax. BUT: now that I see how it works I'm afraid to use it on anything but the most perfect situation. There is nothing holding the thin rubber gasket to the bowl outlet except the toilet itself. If the bowl touches the floor before the seal's flange is pressed against the pipe flange, You have a gap- yikes! It seems to me that this will be a common problem in the future. What do you think? Am I missing what's really doing the sealing here? As you lower the bowl onto the seal the seal slides further into the pipe but there is almost no resistance, so the top seal is very lightly touching the bowl isn't this a little scary?

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