Re: Advice re Wall-Hung Toilet
Posted by Nancy on July 17, 2004 at 16:43:22:
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We also prefer wall-hung design and have a modest budget. I have read that

(1) a round bowl flushes better than an elongated bowl due to stronger vortex action. Only the Duravit "Darling", Geberit Tessera "pre-wall mounted unit", and Burgess Cabinetry & Fixtures "Venice" seem to have round bowls.

(2) there are 2 types of flush: "gravity-based wash-down" (common in Europe) and "gravity siphonic" (a more familier flush style in the US.) Most effective is pressure-assist method (common in commercial applications), but this has the disadvantage of additional noise. Does anyone know how noisy pressure-assist is when the flush system is contained inside the wall?

It also seems logical that the angle of the bowl exit might be important in flush effectiveness, as well as the diameter of the exit pipe, though I have not seen any statements to that effect.

Any advice in these areas would be appreciated.

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