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Posted by hj on July 17, 2004 at 09:49:57:
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: : : : Plumbing inspector recommended the use of AAV's in two locations in new home construction. He stated to stay away from the "cheap black ones". Does anyone know what he is referring to and are there any recommendations on what could be considered a "good" AAV? Thanks.

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: : : IMO, the words "good" & "air admittance valve" shouldn't be used in the same sentence, it's unbelievable that a plumbing inspector would suggest an AAV over an atmospheric vent line, especially in new construction.
: : : If you're going to resort to using one, Studor brand has been around for a while.
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: : I am curious what plumbing code the poster is under. Is this another instance of the inspectors organization, the ICC, getting their International Plumbing Code adopted in their area?
: : IPC 903.1 Only one vent has to terminate in open air., 904.6 The vent can terminate out the sidewall, and 917 Which allows the extensive use of AAV's in new construction. LonnythePlumber

: I've got an 1890's farmhouse and I have one of these gizmos installed on my basement utility tub. Short of shooting a vent up and out through 2 floors and the roof, is it better not to have one?? What problems disasters can I expect to face, ie during a main line back up does it somehow force its way out my tub? versus the drain trap in the floor, where this normally occurs when I need snaking....thanks for all input...

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