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Posted by shelley on July 16, 2004 at 14:51:17:
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: : i need a rear outlet, floor mounted, gravity flow, elongated toilet. i know the choices are limited but, i need help finding those that fit this crazy criteria. i live in an old condo building with neighbors. please help me!!!
: : time is of the essence because i have a leak from the very loud "kohler flushmate"
: : thank you for your time,
: : shelley

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: I don't think that toilet should be so hard to find, it's not that common but all the leading manufacturers produce it. Check a local plumbing supply house in your area or the following company websites; Kohler, Toto, American Standard, Crane, Gerber.
: e-plumber

: Thank you for your responce. I have checked Kohler, and American Standard. Problem with those are they are all made with the high pressure, super flush (don't know the actual name for it...forced air flush). I am looking for the old fashioned regular flush that does not suck you done the drain and announce to your neighbors you are flushing. I will look at the Toto and Gerber. thanks, any other suggestions will be appreciated. shelley
ps it must be rear outlet

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