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Posted by Johnney on July 16, 2004 at 12:05:18:
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: Thank you so much. I wasn't 'sold' at all, which is why I sought out your help and was trying to understand the comments. Believe me, getting far away from constant clogs is what I'm after. I'm grateful to have you sharing your experience. I will purchase the A/S tomorrow.

: Glad to be able to help, I only suggested A/S because of your concern with flushing large volumes of waste. The Champion is one of the few toilets that do this, no problem. I hear Toto is good too but I don't have that brand in my area so I can't comment on them. A/S had some problems with the tank upon first release of the product but they fixed the problem since then. Our Champion see's a lot of use & works great. Hope everything works out for you.


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