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Posted by Eleanor Nadler on July 16, 2004 at 04:18:44:
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: : : : We need to replace a 50-year-old American Standard toilet because it will no longer take care of the sometimes very large quantity of highly solid waste material my husband can produce and I can't stand the stress any longer. [My husband is disabled and I have full responsibility for maintenance and repairs.]I was ready to purchase an American Std. Champion at Home Depot, but their resident 'expert' said it was not the best one for our needs nor for the cost. She recommended the Kohler Wellworth at 1/2 the price.[The cost of the American Std. was not a problem for me.] Will this do the job? I expect to live in this house for another two years. A previous plumber recommended a VitrA as a lower-cost substitute for a Toto. Please help ASAP. Many thanks, in advance. So glad I found your website. Wish you served Southern California!

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: : : I have installed numerous A/S Champions and Toto Drakes, Vespins, etc. They are worth the extra money over the cost of other brands that do not use the larger than average flush valve opening and trapway.
: : : Although I have a Kohler Wellworth elongated toilet in my home that I just moved into and I'm impressed with the strong flush.
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: : Thank you, guys, but I'm concerned regarding the comment about being prepared for a noise "and installation"--what does that mean? Are these extra difficult to install? Is there a noise that will frighten young grandchildren when they come to visit? Awaken others in the house during the night? Is there anyone out there with a bit more experience re Kohler Wellworth? How about Kohler's Cimmaron with its "Class 5 Technology?"

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: I think Home Depot has you sold on a Kohler so go ahead and buy one. My experience with Kohler's is they don't flush all the waste down the trap & they clog sometimes. Get ready to deal with this. If you want the best flush, go with the A/S Champion. There is literally nothing that toilet can't flush. As I said in my previous post, our's gets used up to 30 times a day, sometimes more. We have never had a problem. There is a slight "clunk" when the flush tower drops. This is necessary for the proper seal of the tower. It is nothing that will scare a child. As for installation, the bolts are set high but A/S gives you an extension wrench for this design. The Champion costs more, but is worth it in the long run. Buy what you want, but live with what you get.

Thank you so much. I wasn't 'sold' at all, which is why I sought out your help and was trying to understand the comments. Believe me, getting far away from constant clogs is what I'm after. I'm grateful to have you sharing your experience. I will purchase the A/S tomorrow.

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