Sluggish toilet flush
Posted by John Slade on July 15, 2004 at 22:47:57:
Both toilets in my 45 year home are slow when they flush. I thought it may be the roof vent pipe, since they both share the same vent. First, I ran water down the vent with no problem, then I put a plastic PVC pipe down the vent to check for blockage, and about six feet down it felt like a spring loaded baffle. With some pressure, the pipe went through this and the rest of the way to the drainage pipe, which is about 15 feet and straight. My question is, are vent pipes supposed to have baffles in them? If so this one doesn't open very easy. In addition, when resting the PVC pipe on the baffle and flushing the toilet, it does not open up. Thank-you.

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