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Posted by james on July 15, 2004 at 13:57:55:
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I am remodeling a bathroom, and am also considering the Giberit Tessera. After reading your comments concerning this toilet, I immediately called the sales rep who is handling my order, and he has been very helpful in explaining potential problems you may be facing.

First, if you are getting splashes outside of the bowl, then you probably have a manufacturing defect and should contact Giberit about receiving a replacement bowl. One of two things may be occurring: the jetways for the water may have too much glaze, or an old mold was used to create the bowl and the water jetways became slightly misaligned. Either way, you should contact Giberit.

Concerning the double flushing verses the Toto, hmmm... The traditional Toto toilets are amazing flushers; I have a Toto Baldwin in my master bathroom, and it is powerful. As for the Tessera, do you have cast iron drain pipes? If so, then this could explain the double flush problem. Toto has no problem powering down waste due to the superior siphon design; the Tessera may not have quite enough power to flush large waste down old cast iron pipes.

Perhaps replacing a bit of your cast iron for PVC pipe could help; corrosion and build up in the pipes could be preventing the Tessera from being able to perform a good flush. Baring pipe replacement, you may first simply purchase a pipe cleaning product from your local hardware store; there are numerous products out there that you can just flush down the toilet that will clean the drain pipes of any build up. Of course this could expose problems if your pipes are corroded or broken, so proceed with caution.

Finally, checkout if your installation is level with the wall and floor. That is, is everything at approximately 90 degree angles. If the bowl is misaligned with the horizontal, or if it is not properly attached to the carrier, or if the carrier is improperly installed, then this could be a problem.

Anyway, good luck, and I hope this helps.


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