Bathroom Repair: Unique MPT x Female Sweat Adaptor;
Posted by Scott on July 15, 2004 at 09:38:14:
I am working on a damaged drain line in a bathroom. The damaged 1 1/4" chromed line goes into the wall. There is a 1-1/2" galv 90 inside the wall. Screwed into the 90 is a 1 1/2" brass MPT x 1 1/4" female sweat adaptor buried. A 1 1/4" chrome tail piece is sweated into the brass adaptor.

I need to determine best practice to repair this. I may be able to sweat the damaged pipe out but what do I put in it's place? A standard 1 1/4" chrome drain pipe would seem to work but I cannot sweat chrome.

Another option is to put a reducing fernco coupling on the 90 and adapt back to Pvc for the P trap assembly. The problem is I would have to bust out a large portion of the wall to tighten the fernco.

Or I could sweat out the damaged pipe and remove the brass fitting but it is smooth (no hex to grab). Is there a plumbing tool which could be used to extract the mpt x swt adaptor out of the 90. Some type of extractor tool?