drywell for washing machine
Posted by Sue on July 14, 2004 at 19:31:18:
Hello, we just bought a house about a month ago from someone who bought it and remodeled it. When we moved in I did a load of laundry and all of the water came up onto our floor. The seller of the house came out and dug up the pipe outside to the washing machine which was covered with large rocks and dirt. So, he dug the hole a little bigger and filled it with small rocks, then covered it with plastic and then with dirt. The problem is not fixed and still continues to overflow in my house. We can not run the pipe to our septic tank because it is on the other side of the house. And we can not have the pipe showing outside due to the angle of the pipe. (It goes up at a slant). Anyone PLEASE help!! I am so confused and I dont know how to resolve this problem.

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