Re: Consumer product reviews of the American Standard Champion toilet
Posted by Rick Keller on July 14, 2004 at 18:21:34:
In response to Re: Consumer product reviews of the American Standard Champion toilet
The thud is from the mechanism in the toilet, but I didn't think it was all that loud on the two units I have. Best flush in the world if you ask me. Refill sounded quieter than most that I have heard. Your wife must be an awfully light sleeper to be disturbed by the "thud." Ask her to try sleeping with ear plugs. The toilet is worth ity in my opinion.

: No, it's not hitting pipes or anything. I called the company that made it, and they informed me the thud is so the toilet will seal correctly. I have had the toilet now for over a month, and actually love the damn thing. You get used to the noise, just told my wife that is the way it is. Best toilet on the market that i am aware of as far as flushing goes.

: : The thud is probably more your pipes than the toilet. Perhaps the pipe is hitting a stud or joist when the water moves quickly through, and stops quickly.

: : : I would like to add my two cents to this champion toilet. It flushed so fast, I thought I blanked out. Swishhh and it was gonzo, then this big "THUD". Was not a big deal to me, I finally had a toilet that did it's job, how fantastic is that. Then the "Thud". My wife told me at first, that I could not use the toilet at night when she was sleeping. Today she said I could not replace the toilets in the other 3 bathrooms because of the noise. It's a shame, such a fantastic toilet, to have all these propblems. I spent a few hours trying different adjustments, but still a big thud. Maybe this toilet is a big turd?
: : : Here is the bottom line, you want the toilet to flush, or be quiet, the choice is yours.

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