Re: Causes of Failure of Pressure Relief Valve
Posted by LonnythePlumber on July 14, 2004 at 17:39:41:
In response to Re: Causes of Failure of Pressure Relief Valve
: This is just a suggestion, since you haven't told us the mode of failure, or what before/after pressures were. However, it is alomost axiomatic that when a water system is worked on... such as installing new meters... dirt and debris become dislodged from fittings and pipes and those particles find there way to trouble spots, such as faucet aerators, PRV valves, etc. Have you tried just disassemble and clean?

Were other residences affected? When water heats up it expands and increases the pressure unless it can expand back into the cold lines. A check valve would result in a closed system that would require expansion tanks in some instances. Also, the spring in your relief valve could have weakened. LonnythePlumber

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