Re: bathroom window fan
Posted by Howard Goldberg on July 14, 2004 at 07:13:58:
In response to Re: bathroom window fan
: : No, the urine stream breaks up into droplets after several inches of leaving the body and is no longer able to conduct electricity up to the body, If you are sitting, that might be a different story. Don't you watch Myth Busters?
: : and why don't you bring your bathroom up to code and install GFCI outlets.

: I don't own a TV and I do have GFCI's. When I asked my electrical board this question they told me to go try it and see what happens, HA! LonnythePlumber

Don't believe the urine stream into droplet theory. Try pissing on the third rail at your local transit property - bet you'll cook! A drunk guy was killed some years back in Chicago for doing that.
Of course we are talking about 110VAC vs. 600-750VDC. However, I bet the urine steam will conduct if you are remotely well grounded.

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