Toilet Leak--Amount of Water Loss
Posted by Art FitzGerald on July 13, 2004 at 16:23:18:
We were on vacation for 24 days. When we got home, we found one of our toilets' valves hadn't shut completely off (sometimes we have to jiggle the handle to get it to stop). Today we got a notice of "High Water Consupmtion" from the meter reader showing consumption was 77 ccf for past two months. Normally we use about 14 ccf in that period. So that's an extra 63 ccf. Called Bellevue water dept & they say that could have been caused by the leaky toilet. I question this because, according to the water dept, 1 ccf = 748 gals. of water. (Remember toilet was not constantly flushing just dribbling a little overflow because flapper was not completely closed). the extra 63 ccf = 47,124 gals of water (63 X 748) or 1964 gals of water per day (47,124/24 days) or 82 gals an hour. I can't beleive that trickle could amount to 82 gals/hr. How much do you think the water loss should be for 24 days? Thanks. Art

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