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Posted by dan on July 12, 2004 at 19:04:07:
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: : : : hi there,

: : : : i'm living in a rented apartment and a bathroom with no ventilation. the window fans for sale are all too big for the one in my bathroom, (20 1/2") so i tried to make my own out of an old window fan.

: : : : it kind of worked, but didn't have enough power to really move any air. do you have any suggestions? i'm willing to build something - i just set up a small shop in the basement.

: : : : thanks!
: : : : ~dan

: : : Reply:
: : : If the bathroom does not have a window, a (properly designed) exhaust fan is required by code.
: : : I would insist that the landlord corrects this condition and a licensed electrician does the install.
: : : DO NOT make any attempts to do this yourself, you can get killed instantly if something goes horribly wrong.
: : : e-plumber

: : If you don't have a window why are you trying to make a window fan? A window is ventilation. LonnythePlumber
: Ventilation and Exhaust are 2 different systems..Hube

ok. i guess i should clarify. i did mention that the bathroom has a window - reread the message - so the room does have ventilation. however, it is very poor and the room gets pretty steamy during a shower. i worry about mildew forming on the walls. (there was some when we moved in.)

i'm not interested in making an exhaust system integrated into the house's wiring. apparently my message made me out to be an idiot. i am not. i'm just looking for suggestions. upon reflection, i'm looking for any way a tenant could create an "exhaust" system in the bathroom window.

if not, i can live with the current set-up.


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