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Posted by e-plumber on July 12, 2004 at 16:46:39:
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: : : i have a ruff in bath/shower drain of 1 1/2" in my basement but want to chnage this to a shower only. would the 1 1/2" work or do I need to bust up the concrete and replace with 2". I'm at the stage of finishing the concrete shower pan and really do not want to bust up the concrete. I'm about 4 feet from the main drain.

: : : What can I do?

: : Take the concrete out and do the job right. I am a little old grandma and I can do a job like that in less than half a day.
: : It is never a good idea to try and cheat on things that go under the concrete. If you have a problem with this down the road, it will be a MAJOR ordeal to repair. Right now it is a 3 or 4 hour job.
: : Deb
: : The Pipewench

: From what I remeber when I was adding the drain for the bathroom sink and the sink for the bar both drains were 1 1/2 which I then feed into the main stack from the upstairs sink which was also 1 1/2. Not sure whats under the concrete could be a bigger job whern I get there. I can't see running into problems as a bath tub showers drains into a 1 1/2 and there no standing water. I totally agree that doing it right the first time is the way to go but the builder put this in when the house was built. The curb of the shower is 6 inches high so there should be no fear of an overflow.

The surface area of a shower base is quite a bit less than a bathtub, the water for a shower needs to evacuate quickly or you will be standing in ankle deep water everytime you use the shower, the slightest drain restriction can cause problems fast, even with low flow shower heads. Why there would be 1-1/2" drain piping under the slab in the first place is the question, it is against plumbing code.

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