Re: Adding new bathroom upstairs, 1 Stack or 2?
Posted by e-plumber on July 12, 2004 at 16:36:26:
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: We live in an older home built in 1917 with only one bathroom on the main floor. We are adding a full bathroom directly upstairs and are getting conflicting advise from 2 different plumbers. Can we tie the upstairs bathroom into our main stack or do we have to add a 2nd stack? Thanks for all your input.

: - DonJonnio

If the plumbers plan on using the existing stack vent to tie in new bathroom fixtures, they will need to rearrange the existing vents for the main bathroom to allow the stack vent to now become part of the drain stack.
Another drain stack could be brought up to the new bathroom location, (my choice) to avoid opening walls in the existing bathroom to move the vents around.
Both plumbers could be right, they are looking at the same job and plan on doing it legally, but in different ways.
When getting estimates, compare apples to apples.

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