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Posted by LonnythePlumber on July 12, 2004 at 09:49:57:
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: In a previous post it was determined that I could install a tub surround around the window in my bathroom. After thinking about this, and know that I can't by extra pieces of tub surround material, I need to know how I water seal the wood around the window.

: First off, I have options of a Sterling Vikrell surround, directly mounts to studs, or a variety of ASB (american show and bath) that glue to durock/green board. This is what Lowes sells and they are in my price range for this job.

: You can't buy sparepieces to put on the inside window sill/surround, so whatever I cut out would be all I can use. If I use the direct stud mount kind, I have to frame out the window to meet with the tub surround. If I use the glue on kind from ASB, I just put up durock on the exposed inner window sills/surround and could slap some ASB material on that.

: The problem with either of these methods is making it look like it was designed for a window. One suggestion was the cheap marble pieces, framing the entire inside of the window with that and then overlapping the surround material over the marble. I'd still need to caulk or put up some type of corner beads to mend the joints.

: Should I just give up on the surround idea and go with tile? It would cost less if I could use the Vikrell surround with a direct stud mount. If I had to use glue up kind I'd have to spend money on Durock and then $200 on surround material. That would bring it almost equal to the cost of tile/grout and doing it myuself. So the cost savings are mainly the Durock it seem, which is probably only $50-60 worth. The big unknow is the tile job. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable doing it myself or not.

Having a window in a bathroom is traditionally a bad idea because it is a weak point that can require maintenance. There are window trim kits on the market. Even if you tile you will have a problem with the window.
Edges are sealed with silicone and the wood needs several coats of polyurethane which has to be renewed. I am installing a surround with a window today. LonnythePlumber

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