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Posted by LonnythePlumber on July 11, 2004 at 17:37:18:
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: : : I live in a condo above another condo and need to protect from flooding from water heater. Two yrs ago I had a plumber install a new heater (6yr tank 1 yr control Bradford White) and drain pan patched through the air conditioning drain. Yesterday the relief valve went and almost flooded me and my downstairs neighbor. The plumber said I put the temp too high on the heater. Also the drain did not work. He replaced the pressure valve with a 180 one. Should I get a better water heater? Should it go so hot it blows the valve(it had gone to 150 degrees). What about the drain pan? Can anyone help? Thanks!

: : Perhaps you should check with your jurisdiction's
: : inspection department. My area adopts the UPC. 2003 UPC 508.4 "....watertight pan...drain to an approved location".
: : "2003 UPC 508.5 Relief Valve Discharge. Discharge from a relief valve into a water heater pan shall be prohibited."
: : Tieing into the AC's condensate drain is not an approved location. This does mean that three separate pipes must be run to a drain or outside. For reasons you have experienced.
: : Valves relief at 212 degrees or 150 pounds. Rarely does the temperature jump 100 degrees but water shock can hit 150 pounds especially if the valve is older and the spring has weakened.
: : Water shock may not occur in structures with pressure reducing valves.
: : Most jurisdictions require a permit and inspection. Is this a plumber or a maintenance person? LonnythePlumber

: I raised the temperature from warm to all the way hot to do my dishes for an hour and went to turn it back down when the valve had released. He checked the temperature and it was 150 degrees. Should the valve have released? I don't know whether to get someone else and replace the entire heater. I don't know what I am doing. This person is a plumber but I am thinking of getting someone else to help, another plumber.

Your heater is probably okay but the correct relief valve should be installed. I replace the relief valves in about one in ten water heaters before the heater starts leaking. LonnythePlumber

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