Re: Kitchen sink venting issue!! need help and opinion.
Posted by LonnythePlumber on July 11, 2004 at 00:10:59:
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: : : I have a contract signed for a 4 family home and it turns out that none of the kitchen sinks are vented... When you run water for awhile and fill up the kitchen sinks and then release the water a gurgling sound is heard like it is sucking for air.

: : : Are there any dangers to not venting and more importantly, short of breaking throught he walls to install a venting system is there anything else that can be done to cure this issue??

: : : I have included "fix non vented kitchen sinks" on my home inspection report to sellers attorney. But realistically I doubt very much he will break through the walls and poke through the roof w/ a venting system due to costs and labor so I am hoping there is an easier method to doing this??

: : : Lastly if sellers refuse to fix anything do you guys think thsi should be a deal breaker??

: : : thanks in advance,
: : : Harvey

: : How did you determine that the sinks were not vented if you do not have access to the walls?
: : Deb
: : The Pipewench

: By the gurgling sound it makes when the water goes down the sink drain. Also, by looking on the roof and attic and not seeing any vent holes popping through.

: Assuming there was no venting how would you proceed deb??

: Thanks,
: harvey

Deal Breaker. We just had a home blow up in Wichita, Kansas from the methane gas from a septic system. This is very rare and probably would not happen to your family. However no vents, mean S traps, mean loosing their trap seal resulting in sewer fumes into the house (methane). LonnythePlumber

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