Re: Case 3000 toilets
Posted by hj on July 10, 2004 at 21:43:12:
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The 3000 was the best toilet ever made, in my opinion. But going to any other wall hung will involve opening the walls and making a carrier revision, which will probably be more than the ball cock will cost. But the only time I have ever had to replace the entire unit has been when the brass internal riser broke, or the three screws could not be removed.

: We have lived in a 1963 home for 10 years and have two Case 3000 wall-hung toilets. Four years ago, we spent over $300 on one for a new ballcock assembly, and now it looks like the other one needs one, too. Would it be better at this point to look at replacing the toilets with newer versions (ie American Standard Glenwall)? The toilets themselves are in excellent condition. It's the parts that are killing us.
: Also, should we be worried about leaks at the seal? How often do they need to be replaced?
: Thanks in advance for any advice.

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