Re: New ABS trap leaks
Posted by LonnythePlumber on July 10, 2004 at 17:43:55:
In response to Re: New ABS trap leaks
: Just replaced an old trap and the store only had these new ABS traps. No washer at the discharge end, just a cone shaped ring that is "supposed" to make a tight connection. Of course, as I had feared, even with the nut hand-tightened as hard as I can it leaks about a couple drops per hour. Not good since there is wood underneath. I even tried pipe dope that is ABS rated, no luck. The trap is mounted very straight, it isn't off angle or anything.

: Any hints how to make these traps as tight as the gool old ones that still had washers?

Is this a real trap or a box store copy? Many items in box stores are not code approved but you can save a few dimes. You may have to buy a couple to get one that will work for awhile.

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