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Posted by Neil on July 09, 2004 at 16:44:49:
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The faucet, a new Price-Pfister Goose neck seperate hot and cold handles, doesn't seem to be the source itself of the mildew smell. We let the faucet sit for 30 min. or so and then slowly let water drain out. The first bit of water, equal to the faucet supply, was ok. It seems to start somewhere in the supply lines. There is a seperate sprayer, connected to the faucet under the sink. Could this hose water supply back-contaminate the incoming water?

: : I have scanned several forums, and this problem is a recurring one. I replaced a kitchen faucet and then started to notice a mildew smell in the first 10 seconds of water discharge. After 10 sec or so it'd gone. I don't get this with the hot water line, or in the bathroom sink, shower or toilet. I have replaced the supply hoses from the shut-off to the new faucet, but the problem still persists. I seems to occur in the warmer spring and summer times and stop in the cooler fall and winter times. I have narrowed it down to the faucet and supply line, and not the drain as some posters are telling others. What is this? Can it be solved?

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: It would be practically impossible for a (new?) kitchen faucet to cause a mildew odor, especially if the odor wasn't present before the faucet was replaced. If you have a garbage disposer or longer than average slip/tubular drain fittings from the strainer to the drain trap, I would bet that's the source of the foul smell, seen it before numerous of times. There could even be a leak in the wall, (on the kitchen drain line) that could be giving off the stench.
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