Re: damp grout around new toilet
Posted by LonnythePlumber on July 07, 2004 at 22:36:05:
In response to Re: damp grout around new toilet
: :When you have removed the toilet to put in the new wax, did you see obvious signs of leakage under the toilet?

: If not, we are back to the delicate question plumbers sometimes have to ask: Is there a young lad or an elderly gentleman using tthe toilet, who may have trouble with their aim?

I agree that some men from states other than Kansas need to step up closer to the toilet.
If I use hard tile grout at the bottom of the toilet then I sometimes get darkening that I have felt comes from condensation. When I use or replace with caulk I do not. I'm not 100% on not using grout, since I see others on this site are using it, but it's a generally accepted conclusion to plumbers in my area. LonnythePlumber

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